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Aamir Liaquat was extremely lonely in his last moments: Sherry Raza

Sherry Raza says televangelist in his last days lamented the state of home
Updated 10 Jun, 2022 01:41pm

KARACHI: Televangelist Aamir Liaquat was in deep loneliness during his last moments, Sherry Raza, who used to share the stage with him in Razaman transmissions, said on Friday.

“Through messages, I had a conversation with him [Aamir Liaquat] 10 days before his death. I have his voice messages in which he lamented about the state of his family… he was very lonely,” he said on the Aaj News morning show.

Sherry and Aamir used to recite naats in Ramazan transmissions.

He described Aamir as a person who used to help people in getting livelihood and maintain a healthy environment in meetings. “Even when I went to him, I asked for a job and refused to sing anymore. But, he got a job for me where my skill was also used,” Sherry said.

Grave in Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine

The popular TV host had booked the site at the Abdullah Shah Ghazi when he was the minister. He had urged Chhipa’s head to look after his final rites.

“Chippa Sb, only you have to do this and I know no one will come… only you have to do this. He [Aamir] had several times said this,” Sherry said while quoting Aamir, “He had also asked me to quickly bury me after the funeral prayers. It is your responsibility.”


Aamir Liaquat Hussain

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Abdullah Shah Ghazi


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