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What’s cooking between Rekha and Sanjay Leela Bhansali?

The veteran actress has not been seen on screens since 2014
Published 13 Jun, 2022 05:57pm

Indian actress Rekha is a living legend, and Hum Dil De Chukey director Sanjay Leela Bhansali is one of Bollywood’s most famed cinematographers. Of late both these Indian cinema heavyweights are said to be in talks to work together.

Rekha and Bhansali are reportedly talking about working on the latter’s existing Netflix series ‘Heeramandi’. The role was specifically written for Rekha and if the talks succeed an announcement will be made soon.

Although the director and actress have been wanting to work together for some time now, something or the other has always prevented this promising partnership. So this time, Bhansali went the extra mile and curated a role just for her.

Despite rumours citing otherwise, it is now 90 per cent certain that Rekha will be joining the Heeramandi cast.

Rekha was last seen on screens in 2014 when she appeared in the movie Super Nani. Are you excited to see her again?




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