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Dua Zehra says met husband on PUBG three years ago

Updated 14 Jun, 2022
<p>Dua Zehra with husband Zaheer Ahmed during interview. Screengrab</p>

Dua Zehra with husband Zaheer Ahmed during interview. Screengrab

Dua Zehra, who went missing from Karachi’s Faisal Colony a month ago and later was found married, has said that she met her husband, Zaheer Ahmad over three years ago while playing PUBG mobile game.

A first video interview of Dua and her husband has come to light in which she revealed that she had run away from her home to marry Zaheer after the refusal of her parents.

The teenage girl told Youtuber Zunera Mahum in the interview that her father, Mehdi Kazmi, wanted to marry her off to his nephew Zainul Abideen in order to resolve a dispute over a plot he had with his brother.

Dua revealed that her father had threatened her that he would kill her if she tried to marry Zaheer.

Zaheer while responding to a question about his qualification and earnings said “he deals in the sale and purchase of mobile phones and has recently done his FSC from pre-medical,” adding that he earned up to Rs70,000 to Rs90,000 per month through mobile phone dealing.

Zaheer said that in the beginning, they met on ‘PUBG’ and then the conversation started but after that, Dua’s family banned her from playing the game. “We were in a relationship for 3 years and 4 months,” he added.