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What did Ranbir Kapoor’s mother say about Alia Bhatt?

The wedding was being planned for two years
Published 18 Jun, 2022 02:47pm
<p>SOURCE: Alia Bhatt Instagram</p>

SOURCE: Alia Bhatt Instagram

We’re sure we’re not the only ones eager to learn more about Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt’s post-wedding lives. However, the couple has chosen to keep their relationship as discreet as possible.

After five years of dating, the two married in April at Ranbir’s Vastu home, surrounded by friends and family. All of the details leading up to the big day were kept under wraps, and those who were invited were advised not to do anything that might draw attention to the event.

The couple and their families went about their daily lives until a few days before the wedding when the lights at Ranbir’s house were turned on.

“They said ‘we don’t want a circus, we don’t want to tell anyone, we just want to do it. The circus before that, with memes and other such things, becomes nerve-wracking. So we kept it very very quiet, we would say it’s an engagement,” said Neetu Singh.

“We couldn’t even shop, there were a few people who were appointed to pick and drop stuff because if we go then everyone will know the wedding is happening. We were in a box, we couldn’t do anything. But then of course everybody got to know once the lights went up and the Sabyasachi outfits arrived.”

Unknown to fans, the wedding was being planned for two years and various destinations were considered.

“I am the happiest, today. She has given him a lot of love and warmth. I see the change in him. They look good together. I am very happy that Alia has come into our family,” Neetu said.

“So, life has changed and I am very content. Woh tension hota hai na, shaadi nahin hui, shaadi nahi hui. Ab shaadi ho gayi!”

Let’s hope we continue to receive tidbits of information about these two so we can get a whole picture of their lovely wedding.

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