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Masood Khawaja, a Pakistani entertainer best known for his hilarious parodies, and his show Khwaja Online, died on Monday at the age of 55 after a long illness.

Due to his failing condition, he had been admitted to the Holy Family hospital in Rawalpindi a few days prior.

He died of kidney failure, according to reports, and physicians had recommended a kidney transplant, unfortunately, he died while undergoing thr procedure.

Khawaja had appealed to the Pakistani administration for assistance in his treatment in his most recent televised appearance, which was three days ago, but he had not received a response.

During his early days on PTV, the standup comic came to prominence. Masood Khawaja, like his brothers Tanveer and Saleem, earned a name for himself quickly.

One of his most successful dramas was “Guest House,” which aired on PTV. His show Khawaja Online helped him achieve greater notoriety and followers. It was first broadcast 12 years ago.

Masood Khawaja had also starred in a number of PTV dramas. In recent weeks, he gave a performance at the Rawalpindi Arts Council. Fans and members of the media took to Twitter to express their sorrow and pay their respects. They recalled his contributions by sharing edits from his comedy skits.

Here are a few tweets from Khawajas Fans regarding his demise

Masood Khawaja is survived by his wife, son, and two daughters. The details of the funeral will be decided when his son returns from the United Kingdom where he is studying.