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**Actor Minal Khan and her husband, Ahsan Mohsin Ikram are famous for posting pictures of their adventures on mountains and beaches on social media. All their pictures are now under a question mark. Are they even real? **

On Monday, Khan posted an image on her Instagram stories what one would have assumed to be her sumptuous breakfast.

But within minutes, eagle-eyed social media users pointed out that the actor with 9.2 million Instagram followers had stolen a picture from another celebrity: Kylie Jenner.

Her “lazy effort at stealing pictures” quickly swamped social media, with internet users sharing both pictures [Kylie Jenner’s original and the one shared by Minal) side by side – revealing that Khan had just cropped the model’s name from the picture.

The reactions from Twitter users ranged from scathing to scandalous and everything in between including quite a few that tickled the funny bone.

One user didn’t know whether to laugh or be appalled.

Another was upset at the actor for assuming that her followers wouldn’t know Kylie Jenner. At least one person said that this was the modus operandi of local influencers, although they opted to use the term “influenza” instead of influencers.

One wondered why the Pakistani starlet couldn’t get strawberries on her own.

One user even chided Jenner, who has 350 million on Instagram, of ‘copying’ Minal Khan.