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Imran Khan has rubbished PML-N’s Khurram Dastagir’s claims that he was trying to appoint an army chief of his choice, saying that he had never even considered it.

“I only fear God Almighty and that is why I always talk about meritocracy,” he said while addressing a ceremony in Islamabad Wednesday.

“They thought that I was appointing General Faiz Hameed the army chief,” Imran Khan said, and added that Nawaz Sharif had an issue with the army chief when he was in power because he was trying to cover up his corruption.

“I have been repeatedly saying for 26 years that Nawaz Sharif and Zardari are thieves.”

He went on to say that they needed an army chief of their choice who could cooperate with them and help hide their corruption and wrongdoings.

Talking about his claims of “regime change”, the PTI chairman said that the United States changed the government for its own gains and purposes.