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Six dead as Vietnam War era chopper crashes in US

23 Jun, 2022
<p>A Bell UH-1 helicopter, nicknamed the “Huey”. Photo:internet/file</p>

A Bell UH-1 helicopter, nicknamed the “Huey”. Photo:internet/file

A helicopter used for tourism flights crashed onto a highway in West Virginia state on Wednesday, killing six people on board, US media reported.

The helicopter was based at an airport in the state’s Logan County, crashed on the highway, State Route 17, and was on fire when rescue crews arrived, the WSAZ-TV reported. The report cited Ray Bryant, chief of operations for the Logan Emergency Management Authority.

The chopper that crashed was used during the Vietnam War and was being flown this week by enthusiasts.

State Route 17 was expected to remain closed for 24 hours during an investigation of the scene by the National Transportation Safety Board and Federal Aviation Administration, Bryant told the station.