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Court orders doctors to ascertain Dua Zehra’s age

Directs police to continue investigating case
Published 25 Jun, 2022 03:18pm
<p>Dua Zehra with husband Zaheer Ahmed during interview. Screengrab</p>

Dua Zehra with husband Zaheer Ahmed during interview. Screengrab

KARACHI: A judicial magistrate in Karachi on Saturday ordered the Sindh health secretary to form a medical board of doctors to ascertain Dua Zehra’s age.

The teenage girl went missing from Karachi in mid-April and recovered from Punjab’s Bahawalnagar earlier this month.

The judge remarked the prosecution would decide whether Dua had to be brought to Karachi or the team would go to Punjab to conduct medical tests.

The court ordered the police to continue investigating the case.

The ‘medical test’ conducted on the orders of the high court revealed that Dua was 17 years old. It must be added here that the medical report test is inadmissible in a trial court that requires a report submitted by a medical board.

Moreover, documents shared by the girl’s parents show that she is 14.

The Supreme Court Karachi Registry had disposed of a petition filed by Dua’s father, Mehdi Kazmi, for her recovery as he believed that the girl was abducted from Karachi.

Kazmi had also filed a case in the Sindh High Court for her recovery. The court ruled that Dua Zehra was free to live with whoever she wants on the basis of her affidavit.

Dua says she got married of her own freewill and that her parents wanted to forcibly marry her off.

Courts in Lahore as well as Karachi said that she wants to live with her husband while claiming that she is an adult.

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