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Imran sees grim future for state institutions, country

Updated 30 Jun, 2022
<p>PTI Chairman Imran Khan addresses the lawyers at the Islamabad High Court. Screengrab: Aaj News/Youtube</p>

PTI Chairman Imran Khan addresses the lawyers at the Islamabad High Court. Screengrab: Aaj News/Youtube

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairperson Imran Khan has said that country’s future would be at stake if efforts to ‘destroy’ state institutions go unchecked.

“They (incumbent government) will destroy all the institutions for keeping the ‘big thieves’ in power,” the PTI chairman said while addressing an event of the Islamabad High Court on Thursday.

He said that by making amendments in the NAB law, the “imported government” had made it impossible for the accountability watchdog to proceed with investigations against white-collar criminals.

Rejecting the decision of the Lahore High Court regarding the election of PML-N’s Hamza Shehbaz as Punjab’s chief minister, the PTI chief said that his party would approach the Supreme Court against the decision.

Earlier in the day, the LHC ordered a re-count of votes in the election of Hamza while excluding the votes of PTI’s dissident lawmakers. In case of Hamza not getting a simple majority of 186 votes, a run-off poll will take place.

He reiterated his demand for an inquiry into the regime change conspiracy, saying that the beneficiaries of the ‘conspiracy’ did not want any inquiry against the ‘foreign conspiracy’.

The PTI chairman said that the cypher had clearly stated that the country would face serious consequences if he wasn’t removed.

He said that he had told “neutrals” that if the country became unstable at that time, they would not be able to handle the economy.

The ousted prime minister said he was ousted by local abettors under a US-backed conspiracy to impose “established and certified thieves”, adding that bowing down to oppression was no answer to the problems.

“These thieves conspired against the well-performing PTI government to get relief in corruption cases,” Imran Khan said. These crooked people instantly got rid of Rs1,100 billion worth of corruption cases soon after seizing power.

Speaking about his government performance, the PTI chief said that all sectors were performing exceptionally well and the economic survey released by the current government clearly vindicates the claim.

The PTI chief said his party did not shift the burden onto the people despite the International Monetary Fund’s pressure.