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Zara Noor Abbas opens up about pregnancy

Actor says she was sidelined by brands, dropped from campaigns
Published 01 Jul, 2022 04:52pm
<p>SOURCE: Daily Pakistan</p>

SOURCE: Daily Pakistan

Hailing from a known family of actors, Zara Noor Abbas needs no introduction. Her parts in shows like Khamoshi, Dharkan, and Lamhay have earned her a devoted following. In 2017, Zara wed her future spouse Asad Siddiqui. They met while working on the TV show: “Kis Ki Ayegi Baraat”.

After photos of Zara with a baby belly went viral on social media, the couple attempted to hide the pregnancy. It was later confirmed that celebrity duo were expecting their first child.

Sadly, Zara was unable to carry the child to term and had a stillbirth during the sixth month of her pregnancy.

The mother went into a depressive spiral due to the loss of her child. Zara’s spouse Asad revealed in an interview that burying his own son was the most difficult experience he and Zara had ever endured.

Alia Bhatt recently used Instagram to discuss the less-than-ideal aspects of being pregnant in a society like ours following the announcement of her pregnancy. In reaction to pinkvillausa’s post in which they addressed pregnancy rumors involving Alia, she posted an Instagram story. This is what she said when asked in the post whether her spouse Ranbir Kapoor would fly to the UK to “pick her up” .

“I am a woman not a parcel!!!!” wrote the Indian actor.

SOURCE: Alia Bhatt/Instagram
SOURCE: Alia Bhatt/Instagram

Reacting to Ali Bhatt’s Instagram post, Zara Noor took to her Instagram to talk about how the work environment around her changed when people found out she was pregnant. She said that brands wanted to drop her from their campaigns.

If you are pregnant and an actor, they make you feel that “you are not good enough for work anymore”.

The actress also shared a question sticker on her story, inviting her followers to comment and explain why expecting fathers weren’t treated similarly and why only women are treated differently.

SOURCE: Zara Noor Abbas/Instagram
SOURCE: Zara Noor Abbas/Instagram

Among the responders was one user who said that since motherhood is a “joint responsibility,” men ought to be granted extended paternity leave to help out.

In her reply, Zara told the user that she thought this was a great concept and asked how it might be put into practice.

Another user explained why men weren’t held to the same standards of behavior by society. “Probably because some men don’t want to take equal responsibility that comes with parenting.”

To this, the Ehd-e-Wafa actor responded: “Doesn’t that depend on the person? We shouldn’t be too quick to judge the men. I am sure they want to spend quality and most of their time with their children.”

Another user replied to the question by saying it would be too risky for pregnant women to carry on working. Doing desk jobs is risky, Zara shot back. Doctors would strongly advise being active. How does carrying another life stop or become a problem for your brainstorming?



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