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Man running food stall in Lyari finds Rs3 million on roadside

Updated 02 Jul, 2022

mehnat kash ki imandari, gumshuda 30 lakh wapis karr diye | Aaj News

In a rare instance when the finder decided not be the keeper, a roadside food-stall owner returned Rs3 million to the police in Karachi's Lea Market, Aaj News reported on Saturday.

The incident took place in the low-income neighbourhood of Baghdadi in Lyari. A businessman's employee was carrying the amount in a polythene bag. However, the employee did not realize when the shopping bag ripped, causing the money to fall out.

The stall owner, identified as Yousuf, found the wads of cash. But instead of pocketing it, he took the money to the police station.

The businessman had reported the loss at the Baghdadi police station. With the police's help, the money was returned to the actual owner.

In return, the businessman gave Yousuf Rs50,000 in cash as a reward for his honesty.