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PESHAWAR: As the Khyber-Pakhtunkwa police introduced cricket star Shaheen Shah Afridi - with a perfectly trimmed beard - as its goodwill ambassador, there were reports that a jirga in the nearby Charsadda had banned barbers from shaving beards.

The information quickly spread on social media, with people sharing the hand-written note signed by the chairman of the jirga, a barber and the station house officer of the Khanmahi police station.

 Image of the agreement
Image of the agreement

According to this note, the barber states that he will not trim or cut beards that are contrary to the traditions and practices of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

“If in future I trim/cut a beard that is contrary to the traditions of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), then the people of the area can take legal action against me,” says the so-called notice with the stamp of the Khanmahi police station.

But did the police give their approval to such a demand?

The jirga members visited the Khanmahi police station and met the newly posted SHO Fazal Dayan.

Having arrived recently, the SHO was unaware of the sensitivity of the area.

In response to the jirga demand for a ban on shaving and trimming beards, he gave his verbal consent.

But the jirga members said that the barber would not accept such a decree without the letter, so he signed it.

Upon being told that taking such action was in violation of the official code and discipline, he wrote another letter to the jirga. It stated that there is no law on growing beards or choosing a design for a beard. Therefore, he cannot impose any such ban on the people, barber or jirga. People can trim their beards as is their custom or preference, he said.

Meanwhile, District Police Officer Sohail Khalid has taken notice of the incident and removed the SHO from his post till an inquiry looks into the matter, said police spokesperson Safi Jan.