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Sariab Road of Quetta. Video: Twitter / Suno_qazi

QUETTA: Torrential rains and flash floods have wreaked havoc in Quetta, leading to collapsing houses, injuries, and deaths within a single hour.

The rain hit hardest in slum areas, where houses were poorly constructed and thus, unable to withstand the force of the gale.

Seven people died as roofs collapsed and nineteen people were injured.

According to the police, a poorly constructed house in Sariab Mill collapsed in the flash floods. Three women, two children, and one man were killed.

A wall in the Customs area fell, injuring eight people of one family.

Flash floods also swept away two children near the Eastern Bypass and they have still not been found. A woman was electrocuted in the rain in Kakar Chowk.

Quetta hasn’t seen such destructive rain in the past ten to fifteen years.

Electricity poles collapsed, effectively cutting off the power supply in 40% of Quetta. This made rescue work harder.

Standing water brought traffic to a standstill, reaching knee-high in some areas.

These destructive rains come just days from Eid ul Azha. Sacrificial animals are at risk of the weather.

The PDMA is distributing tents to help the people whose houses have been destroyed.