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Shehzad Roy brings back ‘Laga Reh’ to comment on the country

"Not afraid how the country will run, more afraid it will keep running like this"
Published 23 Jul, 2022 06:28pm
<p>PHOTO: Shehzad Roy Instagram</p>

PHOTO: Shehzad Roy Instagram

Shehzad Roy is Pakistan’s goodwill ambassador for the United Nations programme on population and his music videos as well as Instagram page are peppered with social commentary. One of his earlier hits, ‘Laga Reh’, released in 2008, is a satire based on the country’s position back then.

Roy has recently started sharing snippets of the song on his Instagram feed since the lyrics of the song are very relevant even today.

He captioned the post “mein thak gaya hoon ye post kar kar key.”

He also shared another snippet with the iconic line, “mujhey fikar ye nahi hai k ye mulk kese chale ga, mujhey fikar ye hai k ye aise hi na chalta rahe.” (I am not worried about how this country will run, I am worried that it may keep running like this.)

The posts come at a time when Pakistan is going through both financial and political instability. The dollar has risen to Rs227.30, while PTI and PML-N are at loggerheads, especially in Punjab. There is also uncertainty surrounding an IMF loan that has been promised but is nowhere to be seen. Leaders such as Imran Khan have also been regularly warning of Sri Lanka-like consequences if things keep running as they have been.

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