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Nothing wrong in appointing new Army chief beforehand: Arif Alvi

Says he does not take instruction from Imran Khan
Published 26 Jul, 2022 05:32pm
<p>President Arif Alvi said that he supported all political parties. File photo</p>

President Arif Alvi said that he supported all political parties. File photo

President Arif Alvi said Tuesday that there was nothing wrong in appointing the army chief beforehand.

“I didn’t have any talk with Imran Khan for a long time, nor do I receive any instructions from him,” the president said while responding to journalist questions at President House.

Alvi said that no one has a clear mandate in the current situation and that in his personal opinion a clear mandate was essential.

He said that he could play a role in holding talks among political parties but dialogue was possible only when all stakeholders agreed.

“I do not have the constitutional authority to ask parties to have a dialogue,” he said.

Alvi said that he had no conflict with the incumbent government. “I support all political parties,” he added.

The head of the state said that he was not a supporter of the presidential system, adding that the parliamentary system was tried and tested and it should continue.

The president said that he had received 74 summaries since the coalition government has come to office and had signed and forwarded 69 of them on the day they were received.

Alvi said that he had held back the summaries on the NAB amendment Ordinance, electronic voting machines and the Punjab governor. “I didn’t have any pressure to do so,” he clarified.

“I wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan regarding Imran’s position on the conspiracy while staying within the legal framework,” he said adding that the ‘threat letter’ should be thoroughly investigated so that people could know its reality.

The president said that a lot of work had to be done to improve the economy.

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