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Pasoori celebrates 300 million views

Ali Sethi and Shae Gill took to Instagram to share their excitement about the milestone
Published 02 Aug, 2022 05:30pm


Some of the best music hits of the year came from Coke Studio’s 14th season, and we have to say that the songs will go down as some of our all-time favourites as well. Pasoori, one of the top hits from the season, is an amazing musical masterpiece that was not only number three on the global hit list but has also just surpassed 300 million views on youtube less than a year after its debut.

We were in awe of Shae Gill and Ali Sethi’s performance and couldn’t have imagined anyone else performing the song. With its upbeat tune and superb vocals, this song has captured the attention of everyone from international dance crews to Hollywood productions as well as well-known stars from across the border, like Alia Bhatt. The song was produced by Xulfi and Abdullah Siddiqui, two musical masterminds.

Ali Sethi has achieved considerable success in the music business with hits like Rung, but it was his partnership with Shae Gill that really caught people’s attention. The story of how they came to work together is also an intriguing one because Ali discovered Gill on Instagram.

Before she became a megastar, Shae only recorded music covers and uploaded them to her Instagram, which had a small following of a few thousand people. In December, she chose to cover Ali Sethi’s Khabar e Tahayyur. After her admirers began tagging Ali Sethi in the comments, he heard the cover and asked, “Um, can we cooperate soon please?” in the comments below and that is how Pasoori came into being.

Ali Sethi celebrated the song’s recent 300 million YouTube views on his Instagram by posting a compilation video of behind-the-scenes footage from the song’s making.

The video got comments from people all around the world sharing their praise for the song that has won their hearts. The stars will also be performing their hit in London on September 30 as shared by Shae in a post on her Instagram.

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