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The price of gold decreased by another Rs2,100 per tola in Pakistan as the local currency continues its recovery against the US dollar on Thursday.

The precious commodity was sold at Rs143,200 per tola on Thursday against its sale at Rs155,300 the previous day in the local market, All Sindh Sarafa Jewellers Association reported.

The price of 10 gram gold decreased by Rs1800 and was sold at Rs122,771 against its sale at Rs124,571 a day earlier.

The decline in the prices of gold come after the US dollar decreased in value for the fourth consecutive day against the local currency following the news that Pakistan has fulfilled all prior commitments for the IMF loan.

Meanwhile, the price of gold in the international market increased by $21 per ounce and was sold at $1787 per ounce.

The price of per tola and ten gram tola silver remained unchanged at Rs1620 and Rs1388.88 respectively.