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Pakistan, expect more monsoon rains Aug 10 to 13

Karachi spared Monday night but Thatta receives thundershowers
Published 09 Aug, 2022 05:10pm
<p>A July 13 image from Karachi Weather Updates.</p>

A July 13 image from Karachi Weather Updates.

The Pakistan Met Office has said that monsoon currents have been continuously penetrating the atmosphere and are likely to become stronger from August 10, Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the rise in humidity levels made Karachi appear hotter than usual. The Heat Index reached up to 49C to 50C in Central Karachi. “Due to the presence of a Monsoon system, sea winds have been cut off and hot and humid NE winds are blowing over #Karachi and have caused the temperature to rise up to 36-37°C,” said Mohammad Faizan Khan, of a private weather organization.

Thunderstorms may have bypassed Karachi Tuesday but it rained in Hub Chowki. Nooriabad and Thatta are expected to see rain.

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