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Wife of Shehbaz Gill’s driver arrested

Police say the raid is conducted to recover Gill’s mobile phone
Published 11 Aug, 2022 08:18pm
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File photo

Islamabad police arrested the wife of Shahbaz Gill’s driver after they raided the latter’s residence to recover Gill’s mobile phone for investigation in the sedition case being pursued against him.

The police said that when they raided Gill’s driver Izhar’s home he had fled, however, they took his wife and his brother-in-law into custody.

Islamabad police said that the driver was believed to be in possession of Gill’s primary phone.

“The raid was conducted to recover Shahbaz Gill’s mobile phone as he told police that he gave his device to the driver during arrest on Tuesday,” the police said and added that Izhar’s wife and brother-in-law attacked the police personnel.

The two have been accused of resisting and interfering state duties and a case has been lodged against them.

Later, the police produced the driver’s wife and brother-in-law in the court seeking their physical remand, however, the court reserved its decision on the plea seeking the physical remand of the accused.

The police also approached the duty judge seeking a search warrant for Gill’s residence and office.

Earlier on Wednesday, Gill was handed over to police on a two-day physical remand in a sedition case against him after the court approved his physical remand.


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