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Syra Yousuf gets high praise for parenting style

It doesn't take much to change public perceptions
Published 12 Aug, 2022 02:57pm


The internet was shocked by the sudden divorce of two A-list celebrities, Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari, in 2020. Then, in May of the same year, Shahroz’s unexpected marriage to Sadaf Kanwal was another event that captured the internet’s attention for months to come.

We have no idea how the trio felt about this circumstance, and we are fairly certain that being in the public eye made it even more uncomfortable. Though the relationship between Shahroz and Syra may have changed, both have been very clear that they are still trying to get along for the sake of their daughter Nooreh, who just turned eight.

Shahroz’s daughter with his ex-wife, Nooreh, visited Sadaf, who has just given birth to a baby girl named Syeda Zahra Shahroz. Additionally, Shahroz uploaded a photo of his girls together and a video of Sadaf with the newborn in the hospital.

Fans anticipated Syra’s reaction to all of this to be bitter, but she has been nothing but gracious, supportive, and accepting of this unusual circumstance. She has encouraged a relationship between Nooreh and her stepsister Zahra. Netizens all praise all three, Syra, Shahroz, and Sadaf for changing the stigmatized divorce and remarriage narrative.

In an interview earlier Syra commented on her co-parenting with Shahroz and said “Shahroz and I, we make sure that we co-parent Nooreh so the other parent is never absent. He is very much involved, his parents, Nooreh’s paternal grandparents are very much involved,”

Fans adored Syra before, but their respect for her has now increased. Here are some comments regarding her upbringing of Nooreh, and the tough family dynamic that she shares with Shahroz and Sadaf.




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