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Karachi-Quetta highway closed due to heavy rainfall

Fourth spell of monsoon rains flood Lunda bridge in Uthal
Published 13 Aug, 2022 04:19pm
<p>Lunda Bridge, Uthal flooded due to heavy rains / Photo: Aaj News Muhammad Khalid</p>

Lunda Bridge, Uthal flooded due to heavy rains / Photo: Aaj News Muhammad Khalid

The Karachi-Quetta Highway N25 was partially closed down following flooding in the wake of the latest spell of monsoon, with the Lunda bridge in the Uthal area of Lasbela district shut down.

Since the highway’s closure at the Uthal area, and the alternate track constructed recently by the District Administration and NHA being swept away by the flooding, there was no other option but to close the land route between Khuzdar and Karachi.

The commissioner of the Kalat Division has asked the Sindh government and Rangers officials to stop all types of transport and bus services between Karachi and Quetta route until its restoration.

Traveling from Karachi to Uthal, Bela and Khuzdar is not currently safe and should be avoided if the travel is not necessary. Once the emergency weather situation subsides and the water recedes, the restoration work of the affected track of RCD highway will be started.


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