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Rise above differences, celebrate August 14, urges Marriyum

Says PM Shehbaz would launch re-recorded national anthem
Updated 13 Aug, 2022 04:52pm

Wazir e Azam kal re record tarana launch karain gay: Marriyum Aurangzeb | Aaj News

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb urged people and politicians on Saturday to rise above their differences and celebrated independence day as the country was all set to mark its diamond jubilee.

“Let’s vow that we will sow seeds of love and brotherhood in the country and lead towards prosperity,” she said while addressing a press conference centred on the details of the re-recorded national anthem. “This is the best representation of different ethnicities, minorities, and provinces.”

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif would launch the re-recorded national anthem tomorrow (Sunday) after the state ceremony. He would be the second prime minister after 68 years to launch the anthem.

How many artists participated in re-recording

  • 155 singers sang the national anthem
  • 48 musicians
  • Six band masters

“Politics on our flag and national anthem is a crime,” she said and gave the credit to the whole country for the achievement.

“We have 362 days out of 365 days. We should not take down national flags,” she said while reacting to the PTI’s apparent action to stick the party’s flag ahead of the party’s rally in Lahore.

Facts about national anthem

  • Launched on August 16, 1954
  • The first broadcast was held on August 13, 1954
  • First colour film was recorded on January 19, 1955
  • Ahmed G Chagla made the tune
  • Hafeez Jalhandri wrote it

She refrained from speaking on politics, however, to a query she said that consultation or dialogue started with communication, not with bad-mouthing. She stressed the need for a “better mindset” for such a need.

“There should a line between freedom of expression and freedom of media,” she said to a query on the government’s decision to cancel the no-objection certificate for ARY News.

Information Minister

Marriyum Aurangzeb

National Anthem

14th August

diamond jubilee

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