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Afghan, Indian intelligence agencies behind Dassu terrorist attack: Qureshi

The foreign minister said that the investigation made it clear that the vehicle used in the attack was smuggled from...
Published 12 Aug, 2021 08:33pm
—AP Photo
—AP Photo

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi Thursday revealed that the nexus of NDS and RAW was behind the terrorist attack took place on July 14 in Dassu and that Afghanistan’s soil was used for the purpose.

“As per our investigation, Afghanistan’s soil was used for this incident. We are clearly looking the traces of its planning and executing meeting with the nexus of NDS and RAW.

What do they want? Why did the nexus perpetrated it? We think, there are elements which cannot digest Chinese investment in Pakistan as well as growing economic cooperation,” the foreign minister told media in a news briefing here.

The foreign minister said that the investigation made it clear that the vehicle used in the attack was smuggled from Afghanistan.

He said the security agencies reached this finding based on the CCTV footages of 36 cameras installed along the 1400 kilometer stretch of the road. Moreover, the evidences including a thumb, a finger and other body parts of the bomber were also examined besides analyzing the mobiles data and questioning of over 1000 workers of project.

He said the investigation teams had identified and tracked the movement of the vehicle used in the attack and had also been able reach out to the handlers.

The foreign minister told media that the terrorists’ first target was Diamer Bhasha Dam but could not succeed so opted to target the Dassu Dam project.

Qureshi was confident to say that the elements behind the terrorist attack would not succeed to achieve their designs as both China and Pakistan decided to face such cowardly attempts.

He said the matter was also discussed during his visit to China and the Chinese side looked satisfied over the probe.

He said Pakistan had shared the details of the probe with China and both the sides resolved that such incidents could not undermine their resolve rather they would emerge stronger. Qureshi resolved that the probe will be taken to the point of exposing the perpetrators as well as taking them to task.

He told media that the government had strengthened the security around the development projects with a resolve that the all CPEC projects would continue and also completed timely.

He resolved that the Pakistan and China All Weather Strategic Partnership would not fall prey to any such planning rather continue to strengthening and expanding the ties and cooperation.Foreign Minister Qureshi told media that the investigation was being carried out by the Pakistani agencies and the government was keeping the Chinese side updated on the subject.

He said both Pakistan and Afghanistan had an understanding of not allowing the use of their soils against each other, so hoped that the country would cooperate with Pakistan in probe of the Dassu incident.

He said the material support for the attack came from the said NDS-RAW nexus and hoped that the world community would take notice of it.

He said Pakistan would take up the issue at every platform as it involved the killing of innocent people.

Qureshi said China had played a responsible role as both the countries trusted each other. The foreign minister said the spoilers of Afghan peace process were poised to target Pakistan but due to Pakistan’s effective diplomatic engagement, their propaganda was not being well received.

Deputy Inspector General Counter Terrorism Department of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Javed Iqbal told media that the network behind the attack had been arrested.

He said the smuggled vehicle used in the incident was first purchased by Hussain in Swat, who later handed it over to the execution party on July 7, 2021.

He said Tariq, another facilitator, who also came from Afghanistan took the vehicle to the site.

He said three main characters including Tariq were in Afghanistan.

Javed Iqbal said as per the investigation and examination, the bombing was carried out by Khalid alias Sheikh, who was also not a registered Pakistani citizen.

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