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PPP leads in violence-marred Sindh local govt elections

To elect mayors, union councilors to manage towns, cities

Ghair hatmi ghair sarkari nataij kay mutabiq PPP nay Larkana main maidan mar liya | Aaj Updates

The Pakistan Peoples Party led the violence-marred Sindh local government elections in 14 districts, according to unofficial results received from 309 polling stations out of 354.

The PPP made a clean sweep in Larkana, Kandhkot, and Sukkur districts. It won more than 244 seats on the municipal committee, followed by GDA (22), Independents (20), PTI (14), and JUI (7).

The Sindh-ruling party was victorious on over 426 seats – out of the total 694 town committees in four divisions. Other successful candidates were 65 of GDA, Independents 62, PTI’s 10, and JUI’s 8.

In a letter to the CEC on Sunday, the Sindh ruling party urged the commission to extend the polling time by two hours until 7pm in view of the high temperature and low turnout as reported by polling agents.

Incidents of aerial firing, harassment, and clashes were reported in different districts in the first phase of local government elections.

Violence erupted in several spots. The brother of PTI candidate Zafar Gandapuri at Tando Adam’s Municipal Ward number 13 in Sanghar was killed when clashes broke out between the PTI and PPP at a polling station. At least three people were injured.

Seven people were wounded in clashes between two groups at the Hashim Khaskheli polling station.

People are turning out slowly in some districts, mostly because it is quite hot. They can vote until 5pm. Violence has been mostly reported in Kandhkot.

  • 9:20am: Polling stopped due to a commotion at Nadir Shah dispensary polling station. The TLP candidate and voters protested over TLP’s missing voting symbol on the ballot paper. Security deployed.
  • Kandhkot: Clashes erupt between JUI and PPP workers in ward 10. Thirty people injured as they attacked each other with sticks.
  • Kashmore: Voters in Ward No. 10 of Guddu Town Committee have clashed over an independent candidate entering a polling station.
  • According to the spokesperson of the Election Commission, the ECP will issue a new schedule for re-elections in constituencies where the candidate names were not spelled correctly.
  • Gunmen have stormed Tori Bungalow at UC Dari polling station in Kandhkot and abducted ten members of the election staff.
  • Four people, including a candidate, were injured in a clash between political activists at Farid Mehr polling station in Panu Aqil.
  • Election was postponed in a few wards due to misprinting (typographical error) of the names of candidates in the ballot papers.

ECP in a statement said that the election commission would issue a new schedule for elections on the seats for which the elections were postponed, adding that the election body had launched an inquiry in this regard.

So far, 885 PPP candidates have been elected unopposed, and:

Elected unopposed Seats
Jacobabad 114
Kashmore 103
Shikarpur 42
Larkana 13
Qambar Shahdadkot 67
Ghotki 35
Sukkur 28
Khairpur 63
Naushahro Feroze 59
S. Benazirabad 132
Sanghar 67
Mirpurkhas 70
Umerkot 71
Tharparkar 21


In Mirpurkhas there are 2 Municipal Committees, 22 Union Committees and 54 union councils. A total of 1,330 candidates from different parties will stand. There are 843,663 voters in the district and 785 polling stations have been set up.

Mirpukhas Results
PPP 67
Independents 4
Elected Unopposed 71

This means there are 9 PPP chairpersons, vice chairpersons declared successful unopposed. And 54 candidates have been elected unopposed as General Councilors.


Image: Aaj News
Image: Aaj News

Sukkur has 647 polling stations for 87,508 voters. Security is tight with 2,438 policemen on duty, 11 companies of the Pak Army on standby and 1,509 Rangers deployed.

Polling started a little late. A lot of people have turned up already to vote. At least people three people were injured in clashes between two political parties at Fareed Mehr polling station in Pano Aqil. One injured has been shifted to hospital.

Journalists have not been issued passes, so they are having trouble entering polling stations. They are reporting from outside polling stations.

Voter counts are going down in Rohri, which has 12 wards, due to the heat. The temperature is 45°C and it feels like 53°C.

These are the unofficial results as of Monday night, for Sukkur:

Ward/Town/UC Winner Votes Loser Votes
Town Makki Shah UC 1 JI’s Mohd. Ali Mehr 114
Town Makki Shah Union Committee Ward 1 PPP Niaz Ahmed Channa 413 PTI Irfan Ahmed 205
Town Nisar Siddiqui UC 5 PPP candidate 531 PTI 222
Pano Aqil Municipal Committee Ward 1 PPP Saleem Ghani 435 JUI Abdul Jaleel Kalhoro 72
Salehpat UC Khabri Bhat PPP Jalaluddin Bhanbro 1,947 Indep Alimadad Bhunbro 1,577
Town Nisar Siddiqui Union Committee 9 PTI Zakir Bandhani 1,314 PPP Amir Umer Bandhani 853

Voters in a queue outside the polling station at the Gul Colony in Mirpur Mathelo, Ghotki. Photo via our correspondent/Saqib Naseer Ahmed
Voters in a queue outside the polling station at the Gul Colony in Mirpur Mathelo, Ghotki. Photo via our correspondent/Saqib Naseer Ahmed


People were slow to turn out in the morning, Salamat Ali reported by 9am on Sunday. It was extremely hot and even though polling has opened, few people had turned up.

So far 15 people have been elected unopposed and they are mostly PPP. It is facing opposition from GDA, JI and other parties. It has 2 Municipal Committees.

The temperature in Larkana is 46°C, however, it feels like 51°C, reports our anchorperson Imran Sultan from the city. The turnout was not much in the area apparently because of the sweltering weather.

Aaj News reporter Salamat Abro reported that people from the nearby areas were arriving at the polling stations. The political parties had earlier moved the court for delaying the LG polls because of the hot weather.

Unofficial results

Ward/Town/UC Winner Votes Loser Votes
Union Committee 1 Darri Town PPP’s Shah Rukh Khan Sial 149
Ward 2 General Councillor PPP’s Akhtar Hussain 163
Muncipal Committee Ratodero Ward 7 PPP Mohd. Hasan Soomro 574 PTI Mohd. Yasin Rajput 227
Municipal Committee Naudero Ward 4 PPP Abdul Khaliq Bhutto 1,200 Awami Tehreek Amanullah Bhutto 141


Image: Aaj News
Image: Aaj News

Armed men attacked three polling stations, including wards number 1, 8, and 3, in Shaheed Benazirabad (Nawabshah) and took away the ballot papers, leading to a delay in the voting process.

Candidate symbols were missing from ballot papers at one of the polling stations and two groups clashed at the other station as they damaged the materials and tore apart the ballot papers.

These are the unofficial results as of Monday night, for Nawabshah:

Ward/Town/UC Winner Votes Loser Votes
UC 3, Ward 3 PPP Dawood Khan 76 PTI Gul Mohd. Chandio 30
UC 6 Ward 12 PPP’s Mohd. Asif Zia 331 MQM Mohd. Arif 159
Town Committee Qazi Ahmed Ward 1 PPP’s Engineer Gaffar Jatoi 535 GDA Imran Mallah 224
Town Committee Qazi Ahmed Ward 2 PPP’s Peer Zahir Shah 640 PTI Abdul Qadir Khilji 95
Town Committee Daur Ward 2 PPP Ch Basharat Mehmood 1,079 STP Ali Baksh Lagari 165
UC Ward 4 PPP Ali Akbar Sial 654 Indep Shabbir Ahmed 7
UC 9 Ward 4 PPP Shaukat Ali Khaskheli 297 TLP Ashfaq Ahmed Khaskheli 26
UC 4 Ward 4 PPP Haider Ali Ansari 621 TLP Raza Abbas 60
UC 5 Ward 3 MQM Mohd. Tahir 266 PPP Abdul Rehman Khawaja 207
Town Committee Qazi Ahmed Ward 5 Indep Altaf Baladi 435 PPP Raees Haider Raho 346
Town Committee Bandhi Ward 2 PPP Muzaffar Jamali 501 Indep Aaqib Sattar 153
UC That Ward 1 - Chairman PPP Qasim Joteg 339 GDA Wadera Abdul Hameed 222
UC That Ward 1 - Tehsil Council candidate PPP Raees Ullah Dad 329 GDA Munnawar Khoso 214
UC That Ward 1 - General councillor PPP Yaseen Dahri 329 GDA Wazir Ali Gabol 214
UC Nawab Wali Mohd. Ward 4 PPP Sawan Khaskheli 618 SUP Ali Sher Machi 566

A group of people also damaged the voting material and took away the ballot box in the third polling station. Security has been kept on high alert after the incident.

Voter turnout remained low in Nawabshah due to hot weather and clashes. At least three cases were registered against many people for taking away the ballot paper boxes in Shaheed Benazirabad polling station. The cases were registered on the complaint of ROs. So far no person was arrested.

Voters in a queue outside a polling station at the Government Campus High School in Daharki, Ghotki. Screengrab/Aaj News
Voters in a queue outside a polling station at the Government Campus High School in Daharki, Ghotki. Screengrab/Aaj News


JI, PPP, GDA and PTI candidates stood from Shikarpur however, the PPP was declared successful in all five wards of Garhi Yasin Town Committee, according to the unofficial results Monday night.


There are about 1.1 million voters here. The PPP was declared victorious in 11 town committees: Shahpur Chakar, Jhatia, Jhol Sarhari, Khipro, Berani, Kandyari.


The voting was held for three municipal committee, 20 towns, and 88 UCs. More than 1.4 million people, including over 700,000 men and over 600,000 women, are eligible voters in the district. More than 2,300 candidates are taking part in the election. Over 5,000 police and as many as 4,000 rangers have been deployed.

Ward/Town/UC Winner Votes Loser Votes
Municipal Committee Ward 2 GDA Shah Mardan Shah Rashidi 1,142 Indep Rafshan Soomro 128
Municipal Committee Gambat Ward 6 PPP’s Haji Abdul Latif Sheikh 401 GDA Syed Sarkar Shah 218
Tehsil Thari Mirwah Town Committee Ward 4 PPP’s Riaz Ahmed 635 GDA Riaz Jogi 168
Tehsil Thari Mirwah Bozdar Road Ward 4 PPP’s Rustam Ali 743 GDA Abid Shar 435
Municipal Committee Ward 21 Indep Javed Brohi 675 PPP Phalphuto 400
Town Committee Faqeerabad Ward 5 PPP Sirai Nisar Hussain 1,027 GDA Pyar Ali 301
Town Committee Faqeerabad Ward 4 PPP Nazar Mohd. Gaho 887 GDA Abdul Wahab Bhatti 179
Kunb Town Committee Ward 4 PPP Mohd. Hassan 395 GDA Ghulam Mehdi 167
Kunb Town Committee Faqeerabad Ward 1 PPP Sajjad Ali 432 GDA Momin Bhatti 318
Town Committee Kot Diji Ward 8 GDA Mir Danal Talpur 584 PPP Syed Anwar Shah 306
Municipal Committee Gambat Ward 13 JUI Naimatullah 611 PPP Khalid Hussain Sheikh 456
UC Manghwari Ward 11 PPP Mir Sajjad Hussain 414 GDA Ghulam Asghar 199


Assistant Presiding Officer Amna Baloch has been injured in a clash between female staff in Ward No. 2 of Kandhkot Municipal Committee.

Polling re-started in Ward number 10 of Kandhkot after more than 30 people injured in fight between two groups. The situation came under control after the DRO called in rangers. Sources said polling staff members were harassed in a few polling stations, while security was not up to the mark in a few sensitive polling stations.

Unofficial results

Ward/Town/UC Winner Votes Loser Votes
Municipal Committee Ward 4 PPP Khan Mohd. Soomro 907 Indep Mir Khan Sheikh 737
Municipal Committee Ward 16 PPP Mir Rashid Khan Sindrani 485 JUI Jahan Khan Teghani 377

The 14 districts of Sindh where LG polls will be held are Larkana, Qambar Shahdadkot, Shikarpur, Jacobabad, Kashmore, Sukkur, Ghotki, Khairpur, Naushahro Feroze, Shaheed Benazirabad/Larkana, Sanghar, Mirpurkhas, Umarkot and Tharparkar.

During the second phase elections will be held in Karachi, Hyderabad and Thatta on July 24.

Naushahro Feroze

The process of polling was stopped in Naushahro Feroze’s Union Shaheen Suleman Polling station after clashes between two political parties. At least five persons were wounded.

These are the unofficial results for Naushahro Feroz as of Monday night

Ward/Town/UC Winner Votes Loser
Municipal Committee Ward 5 Indep Khalifa Ramiz Memon 53 PPP’s Bachal Solangi
Municipal Committee Ward 1 GDA’s Syed Hussain Shah 184 PPP’s Shakeel Memon
Note: 13 out of 16 wards won by PPP Note: 2 won by GDA and one by Independent


At least eight people were injured in clashes between the workers of PPP and an independent candidate in Shahdadkot’s UC number 50 polling station Kot Jahrio.

These are the unofficial results for Shahdadkot as of Monday night

Ward/Town/UC Winner Votes Loser Votes
Muncipal Committee Ward 9 PPP Ghulam Abbas Nadeem 479 SUP’s Hamal Khushak 346
Municipal Committee Ward 10 PPP Baran Brohi 537 Indep Ramiz Tanvir 480
Town Committee Miro Khan Ward 2 Indep Syed Raffat Ali Shah 685 PPP Abdul Karim Liaquat Ali 385
Municipal Committee Ward 13 PPP Yaar Mohd. Soomro 876 JI Imtiaz Sheikh 265
Muncipal Committee Ward 1 PPP Saddam Hussain Lashari 550 Indep Deedar Magsi 230


PSP candidate Zaheer Jakhrani has alleged that the SHO beat him after he tried to stop the fake casting of votes in the polling station. The SHO had detained the candidate.

At least two people were injured in clashes between supporters of PPP and independent candidates at Jacobabad’s Union Council Jangu. Independent candidate for district council Farooq Khoso was apparently kidnapped during the clashes that led to disruption in the polling process, sources said.

Unofficial results

Ward/Town/UC Winner Votes Loser Votes
Municipal Committee Ward 31 PPP’s Wilhari Mugheeri 797 Indep Adeel Abro 254
Municipal Committee Ward 18 PPP Ali Dost Rind 750 Indep Munir Dangar 200
Municipal Committee Thul Ward 10 PPP Zohaib Surki 1,567 JUI Hamid Golu 190
Municipal Committee Thul Ward 8 PPP Asif Kanrani 1,217 JUI Hafizullah 203
Thul Municipal Committee Ward 3 PPP Raees Anwaar Dayo 1,014 Indep Zohaib Bhatti 175
Town Committee Garhi Khero Ward 5 PPP Tariq Buledi 424 Indep Ahsan Imrani 87
Town Committee Garhi Khero Ward 3 PPP Abdul Rauf Lashari 543 JUI Maulana Saleemullah Brohi 155


In violation of election rules, people were seen using mobile phones in the polling booths and making videos while casting votes.


Voter turnout was 40% to 50%, according to estimates. These are the unofficial results for Kashmore as of Monday evening:

Ward/Town/Union Council Winner Votes Loser Votes
Town Committee Guddu Ward 8 SUP Javed Ahmed 50 PPP Zubair Ahmed 49
Town Committee Guddu Ward 7 Indep Mehrab Ali Mazari 37 JI Ubaidullah 18
Town Committee Guddu Ward 2 PPP Muzaffar Ali Mazari 132 JI Abdul Shakoor 113
Town Committee Ward 7 PPP Asif Ali Dashti 1,062 IT Zahid Sheikh 177
Town Committee Guddu Ward 10 Indep Liaquat Dashti 283 PPP Ghulam Rasool 279
Union Council 9 Ghailpur PPP Amanullah Mazari 1,899 Indep Shakhal Khan 986


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Sindh Local Government Election

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