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Russian youth with special needs to perform Hajj

Sabeer is wheelchair bound and will be facilitated by Saudi govt in performing Hajj rites
Published 05 Jul, 2022 09:56pm

RIYADH: A special-needs pilgrim from Russia is among the more than one million Muslims to perform the Hajj pilgrimage this year.

Sabeer, a wheelchair-bound youth from Russia, is in Saudi Arabia to perform the sacred pilgrimage. He undertook the journey despite his disability as it was his ‘heartfelt’ desire to visit the house of God.

While people of all ages perform the annual spiritual pilgrimage, it can be strenuous and physically demanding. Conducted over five days, it includes rigorous exercises such as the circular, counter-clockwise procession around the Kaaba, and the symbolic stoning of evil.

Sabeer, who operates his own wheelchair, will be facilitated by the Saudi government in carrying out the Hajj rites. He has also earned praise from other pilgrims for his determination and resolve.

Video via Saudi Press Agency

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