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  • On the last day of 2020, the United Kingdom reported the highest-ever single-day tally of Covid-19 cases.

The United Kingdom is in a state of commotion in more ways than one. The novel coronavirus is still running rampant in the country prompting the government to tighten the lockdown restrictions in several regions of the country. Also, the fact that the UK officially transitioned out of the European Union today makes the future more unpredictable for millions of Britons.

In the last 24 hours, a record 55,892 new cases were detected in the UK topping the previous highest-ever tally (53,135) of December 29.

Sharing his New Year's video message on Twitter, Prime Minister Boris Johnson lauded the health care providers and everyone else who remained at the frontlines in the Covid pandemic. He said:

There will be plenty who will be only too happy to say goodbye to the grimness of 2020. But this was also the year when we rediscovered a spirit of togetherness, of community. In 2021 we have our freedom in our hands and it is up to us to make the most of it. Happy New Year!

According to the website "Worldometers", the latest coronavirus situation of the United Kingdom is as follows:

Total cases reported: 2,488,780
New cases (last 24 hours): 55,892
Total deaths reported: 73,512
New deaths (last 24 hours): 964