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BR100 4,941 Increased By ▲ 14 (0.29%)
BR30 25,749 Increased By ▲ 95 (0.37%)
KSE100 45,818 Increased By ▲ 28 (0.06%)
KSE30 18,748 Increased By ▲ 31 (0.17%)
CASES 882,928 2566
DEATHS 19,752 135
Sindh 299,913 Cases
Punjab 328,775 Cases
Balochistan 23,931 Cases
Islamabad 79,371 Cases
KP 127,224 Cases

Today, the world crossed yet another grim milestone in this ongoing coronavirus pandemic as total virus-related casualties exceeded the figure of three million. It's a staggering number but it must be remembered that it is only the reported one and nowhere near close to the actual toll of the lethal flu bug as most Covid-19 cases and casualties go undocumented due to a multitude of reasons.

The top 3 countries that have reported the most number of fatalities due to COVID-19 are the United States (579,656 deaths), Brazil (368,749 deaths), and Mexico (211,213 deaths). Shockingly, all three most adversely affected countries belong to the Americas. This stat speaks volumes about the gravity of the situation in the region.

In the past couple of months, most nations have reported an alarming rise in the number of daily new corona cases and deaths. Despite the fact that Covid vaccination drives are being carried out in several countries, the third wave of the virus is wreaking havoc especially in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

According to the statistics provided by the website 'Worldometers', weekly global trends of Covid tell us that in the past week, a 19% rise in newly reported cases is being observed while an increase of 13% is observed in Covid fatalities worldwide.

As per the live coronavirus counter of the above mentioned website, the latest global statistics are as follows:

Total Cases: 140,415,225      
New Cases: 740,291    

Total Deaths: 3,009,768    
New Deaths: 10,795

Total Recovered: 119,260,916    

Active Cases: 18,144,541     

Critical Cases: 107,004