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KARACHI: Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed on Sunday said that the sectarian issues were being created in the country and foreign elements were involved in it.

Addressing a press conference in Karachi, Rasheed said that PDM was coming to take our resignations on December 30 and they had again re-started the same practice as well as had announced public gatherings.

He said that it sounded that they were not against us rather they were on election campaign as the fourth year of the government had started.

He said that Cantonment Boards elections were being held today after 15 years in the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The minister said that Imran Khan and his cabinet wanted to introduce electronic voting machines and if opposition had any reservations on them it should come at table to talk resolve the same.

He said that amendment bill would be introduced. ‘We want to introduce electronic machines to honour elections."

Rasheed said that Election Commission’s reservations would also be removed.

Speaking about that situation in Afghanistan, the interior minister said world desired Afghanistan to become Scandinavia in eight days as the seizure of Afghan accounts was not sensible thinking and it could create humanitarian crisis.

He said, ‘We should hope that Taliban would take steps with the world and would not allow terrorist outfits TTP or Daesh to use their land as they had said.’

Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that intelligence chiefs of eight countries visited Pakistan yesterday (Saturday) including two superpowers.

In the present circumstances, no desire of India be fulfilled and no bloodshed occurred. He said that Indian media was shouting to impose ban on Pakistan.

He said that Narendra Modi’s media leveling baseless allegations against Pakistan Army on Panjsher’s fabricated stories and airing baseless news stories. It should bear in mind that Pakistan’s interest in Afghanistan was only peace, stability and development.

‘Indian media is based 80 to 85 percent on lies,’ he said adding that Pakistan Army had protected its board to avoid any terrorism activity.

Speaking about Pakistan’s efforts on foreigners from Afghanistan, he said ‘Pakistan Army had allowed to move eight to ten thousand people (foreigners) with great hospitality from Pakistan to their homelands, or where they want to go.’

The Interior Ministry had issue 21 days visa to them and issued even one month visa to those foreigners, who could not fly to their destinations due to flight delays etc, he added.

He said, ‘There is no refugees camp across the country and those, who entered the country illegally had been sent back even from Karachi.

Replying to another question, he said that Pakistan could appeal to the world to avoid any crisis in the aftermath of seizure of Afghanistan’s accounts.

Replying to another question, he said if Ashraf Ghani had accepted PM Imran Khan’s words then he had not to escape like this.

Pakistan leaves Afghanistan’s decision on Afghans. ‘Pakistan do not interfere and it will not allow others to interfere.

Replying to a question on the acceptance of Afghan government, he said that Pakistan had accepted and it was Imran Khan’s decision. He desired for peace in the region and was in contact with China and Russia and PM will meet on September 17 with them. A meeting was also possible with Iranian President, he added.