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Pakistan unbans TikTok for the fourth time

Updated 20 Nov, 2021
At least 39m people have downloaded TikTok in Pakistan.
At least 39m people have downloaded TikTok in Pakistan.

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) has restored the services of TikTok on assurances of the platform to control immoral/indecent content.

Subsequent to imposition of ban on 20 July 2021, PTA remained in communications with the TikTok management.

The PTA tweeted this information Friday night saying TikTok had assured them they would adhere to Pakistan's local laws.

PTA claims TikTok will manage content that goes against Pakistan's cultural norms and laws.

It also said TikTok agreed to ban anyone who continuously uploaded content PTA deemed unlawful.

TikTok was a hugely popular social media application in Pakistan and widely used by the youth. It has been downloaded almost 39 million times in Pakistan.

However, it has been banned four times since October 2020 due to regulators saying it was promoting vulgarity and obscenity.