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KARACHI: Police in Karachi claim to have solved the case of the seven-year old boy whose stripped body was found in a graveyard in the New Karachi area of the city.

In a joint press conference addressed by District Inspector General (DIG) West Nasir Aftab, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Central Malik Murtaza and Superintendent of Police (SP) Investigation Shaher Qureshi, authorities revealed that the boy was killed over a personal enmity.

DIG West Nasir Aftab said that two of the three suspects have been arrested, while the third was already in jail for selling drugs.

“He [third suspect] will be arrested from the jail,” he said.

The DIG West said that the accused had a feud with the slain boy’s father and decided to “teach him a lesson”.

The suspects took the boy to the shrine of Abdal Shah shrine located in Manghopir Graveyard, where they got intoxicated and then raped the boy multiple times.

He further said the suspects later killed the boy to avoid being identified.

“DNA samples of the suspects have been sent [for verification],” said DIG Nasir.