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Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA and Parliamentary Secretary for Overseas Pakistanis Javaria Zafar Aheer survived a gun attack allegedly planned by her husband at Parliament Lodges.

According to the media reports, Javaria filed a complaint at Islamabad's Women Police Station against her husband for for allegedly shooting her and threatening to kill her family after she asked for a divorce over a minor altercation.

According to the MNA, Ali held a gun to her head and shot but the bullet hit the wall.

According to the FIR, Ms Javeria Zafar contracted Nikah with Haider Baloch six months ago. The couple fought over a petty issue and Ms Zafar went to court for annulment of their marriage, seeking ‘Khula’.

The FIR further stated that Mr Baloch threatened to kill Ms Zafar and her family.

The MNA said that the attacker put the revolver on her head but she ran away and saved her life. The bullet missed her and hit the wall. The complainant requested legal action against the accused.

The police initiated the proceedings. However, no arrest has been made so far.