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Noor Mukadam murder case: Zahir says someone else killed Noor at his residence

10 Feb, 2022
Zahir Jaffer said that Noor Mukadam had forcedly arranged a party and invited her friends.
Zahir Jaffer said that Noor Mukadam had forcedly arranged a party and invited her friends.

The primary accused in the Noor Mukadam murder case, Zahir Jaffer, has rejected the charges against him, adding that he and his parents were dragged into the case by collusion of state machinery and plaintiff.

Lawyers of the accused Zahir Jaffer has presented their client's replies to the questionnaire issued under section 342.

Zahir in his statement said that he and his parents were innocent and that Noor Mukadam had been killed by someone else not him at his residence.

Jaffer further stated in his replies that on July 20, Noor had called her friends to his house for a drug party when his parents and other family members had gone to Karachi to celebrate Eid.

He stated that Noor had asked him to organise the party on July 18. "I rejected but Noor Mukadam brought narcotics with her." He said that Noor had forcedly arranged a drug party and invited her friends.

"I wasn’t in my senses due to excessive use of drugs. Hours later when I got conscious, I found myself tied up in the lounge.”

“After sometime I was rescued by police and people in civilian clothes. I got to know after the rescue that Noor Mukadam has been murdered by people in the party or someone else,” said Zahir Jaffer.

"I left my house [for the airport] on July 19 at night while Noor Mukadam kept on asking me to miss the flight."

Zahir further stated that the murder weapon found at the crime scene did not have his fingerprints, adding that his relationship with Mukadam was consensual that led to a positive DNA report.

"They also recovered a pistol, which was licensed and present at my house. Police [connived] with the complainant to make it a part of the case property. This is why the pistol's forensic report did not [conclude] that my fingerprints were found," he claimed.

The lawyers of the accused also submitted answers to the questions of section 342. While the case has been adjourned till February 14.

Earlier in the day the Islamabad Sessions Court handed over a 25-point questionnaire to the defence regarding role of Zahir Jaffer and others in the case.

The court headed by additional session judge Ata Rabbani while seeking answers from defence handed over the questionnaire.