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Black Panther's Lupita Nyong'o attended a wedding in Karachi

So far Misha Japanwala nor Nyong'o have released any pictures online
Published 25 Feb, 2022 02:57pm
Source: Twitter Anisa Ali
Source: Twitter Anisa Ali

Rumours of Lupita Nyong’o being in Karachi have finally been put to rest after she has popped up on at least two Instagram profiles. It has been reported that she was in the city of lights to attend her friend, Misha Japanwala’s wedding.

Writer Anila Ali, one of the attendees at the Japanwala event, shared pictures from the event, including one with the Hollywood star in a lehenga choli on Twitter. The same tweet also eluded to a dance performance from Lupita and other friend’s of the bride from New York.

Journalist Sadiq Saleem also posted a picture, informing his followers, not only was Lupita in Karachi but she also attended an event at the beach. Saleem also hoped the beach was clean.

So far, however, no videos or pictures have been released by Lupita or Japanwala, for what can only be speculated as a bid to maintain privacy.

Japanwala is a fashion designer, whose recent wearable body casts caused an internet storm, after American rapper Cardi B, opted to get one of her creations made for her and then also ended up wearing it for the video of her song, Rumours.



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