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Karachi University faces security and administration lapse

12 May, 2022
<p>Security misbehaving with students Source: social media</p>

Security misbehaving with students Source: social media

<p>Source: Facebook</p>

Source: Facebook

Karachi University faces the worst security and administration lapses after last month’s suicide attack.

Aaj News reports harsh exchanges between students and security personnel have become a routine.

A video of a large number of student motorcycles parked in the ground has been circulating on social media. Security personnel and students can be seen exchanging harsh words in the video, followed by security men taking the boy along with them.

The students have been facing difficulties as they go through long security checks, as classes resumed following the Eid holidays.

Karachi University students plan on boycotting classes, to protest against the unfair treatment by the university administration and campus security.