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Insecurity, fear and shattered personalities breeding grounds for gun violence

There has been a sudden increase in gun-related incidents, especially in Karachi
Published 15 Jun, 2022 04:07pm

How dangerous is Pakistan’s gun culture? | Aaj Pakistan with Sidra Iqbal

Aggressive behaviour or the need to show off with guns stems from insecurity, being afraid, lack of emotional depth and a shattered personality, said Farah Khan, a mental health expert, on Sidra Iqbal’s morning show Aaj Pakistan.

“All young men, across the world, show a violent streak,” said Iqbal, making no discrimination based on nature or nurture, quickly burying the plight of young men and the way their broken personalities manifest.

Kids possess toy guns, play violent video games and are exposed to desensitising content on both TV and social media, Iqbal said.

It is important for your child to have the capability of understanding the things they are exposed to, along with a strict check and balance, Farah responded.

“When a person leaves the pen and opts for a gun, you can automatically see what is in their head. People want to be seen as powerful and want to project the idea that they can also kill you to prove their mettle,” said Khan.

“There is nothing wrong with owning a gun to protect yourself though, especially as the security situation in Karachi deteriorates,” said Aaj News host Syed Shaharyar Asim. “Gun culture is also promoted by foreign films with prices of those guns highlighted in movies suddenly going up.”

He repeated that keeping a gun for personal safety was not a problem but one should be well versed in the laws as well as rules of owning a firearm.

People sometimes accidentally end up shooting themselves or their loved ones, because they do not know how to use a gun but own one. The same can be said for private company security guards.

“Corruption is also involved when one goes to obtain a gun license. Some people can pay exorbitant amounts to possess a gun, while those that may actually need one and know how to use one, have to go through lengthy processes to get one,” Shaharyar said.

You can now even buy guns online, which, for the most part, is illegal but the option exists. What do you think about the gun culture in Pakistan? Tell us in the comments.

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