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Dua Zahra’s medical tests done, reports expected in three days

Father Mehdi Kazmi's plea to have investigation office replaced rejected
Updated 02 Jul, 2022 04:24pm

Dua Zehra ko Karachi medical board kay samne mein paish kar diya gaya | Aaj Update

KARACHI: The eleven-member medical board, which was formed to ascertain the age of Dua Zahra, conducted the tests on Saturday and reports are expected to come within three days.

Bone density and blood tests along with physical examination were conducted at Karachi’s Services Hospital by the board, led by Dow Medical College Principal Prof Saba Sohail. The x-ray was conducted at the Dow Medical Hospital.

The Sindh Health Department formed a 10-member medical board on June 28 following an order from a trial court in Karachi. A paediatric endocrinologist from the AKU Hospital was added to the board as the eleventh member, according to the lawyer of the girl’s father.

Zahra was scheduled to appear before the board on Saturday from Lahore, as per the judicial magistrate in Karachi’s order.

The Anti-Violent Crime Cell, including lady constables, brought Dua Zahra to the hospital. Her husband Zaheer Ahmed also arrived in Karachi.

Experts said that the age would be ascertained after the medical test results.

Mehdi Kazmi, Zahra’s father, had objected to the previous medical test’s findings, which had put the girl’s age at 17. The documents shared by the girl’s parents which include her birth certificate, B-form, and passport show that she is 14.

The teenage girl had gone missing from her home in Karachi in April and was later recovered from Bahawalnagar.

The couple was presented to the Sindh High Court, which ruled on June 8 that Dua Zehra was free to live with whoever she wanted before sending her to a shelter home.

Investigation officer to stay

The court rejected the plea filed Dua Zahra’s father Mehdi Kazmi to replace the investigation officer (IO) of the case.

In his challan submitted to the court, the IO had classified the case as ‘C’ class. This classification means the case can be disposed of being a non cognizable offence. A ‘C’ class summary or report is issued by the police in matters when criminal case was filed due to mistake of fact or if offence complained about is of civil nature.

The court stated that it was yet to admit the IO’s report classifying the case as ‘C’ class. The IO cannot be changed at this juncture, stated the court order.


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