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Dua Zehra is 15, says medical board in new twist

Lawyer Jibran Nasir shares development on Twitter
Updated 04 Jul, 2022 12:22pm
<p>The Dua Zehra accompanied by police. PHOTO: Screengrab Aaj News</p>

The Dua Zehra accompanied by police. PHOTO: Screengrab Aaj News

KARACHI: A medical board consisting of ten experts declared today that Dua Zehra is 14 to 15 years old, according to a tweet from her parents’ lawyer, Jibran Nasir.

The medical board’s results
The medical board’s results

The parents have been saying that their daughter was 14 for the last two and half months, while NADRA records also backed their claims.

In a series of tweets, Nasir has called out the police and judiciary, saying both institutes need to be trained better to save the children of the country.

Zehra saying that she is 18 years of age was a result of inducement, Nasir claimed, while also calling for the removal of the current investigation officer who had repeatedly told the media that this was not a case of kidnapping.

“Dua must immediately be recovered,” one of his tweets said. “For 2.5 months parents suffered moving pillar to post to recover their child while Dua unaware herself was under unimaginable danger while content creators cashed in on this tragedy.”

On June 9, a local court had allowed Zehra to live with whomever she wanted, her parents or her husband, after a bone ossification test showed her age to be around 17.

Dua Zehra free to live with whoever she wants, court rules

On June 29, after Zehra’s parents moved the Karachi Registry of the Supreme Court, a medical board was formed to determine her age once and for all.

The Sindh Health Department constituted a medical board on the issue of determining the age of Dua Zehra, Sindh’s most high-profile early-age marriage case.

The health department formed the medical board following an order from a trial court in Karachi.

Dow Medical College Principal Prof Saba Sohail headed the board. It included experts from radiology, gynaecology, dentistry and forensics, with the petitioner’s lawyer Jibran Nasir sharing the update on his social media page.

Ten experts part of medical board that will determine Dua Zehra’s age

The teenage girl had gone missing from her home in Karachi in April, and was later recovered from Bhawalnagar, married to Zaheer Ahmed whom she met on PUBG.

The couple was presented in the Sindh High Court, which ruled that Dua Zehra was free to live with whoever she wanted before sending her to a shelter home.

According to an earlier medical test conducted on the orders of the SHC, Dua Zehra’s age was said to be between 16 to 17 years old. Documents shared by the girl’s parents show that she is 14.

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