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TikTokers fake robbery to get away with murder

Victim's brother registered the FIR
Published 07 Jul, 2022 04:42pm
<p>PHOTO: Screengrab TikTok</p>

PHOTO: Screengrab TikTok

A month ago, unknown assailants shot Khalil Ahmed during a robbery in Sialkot. Initially, Ahmed’s wife claimed that he was killed while he was resisting a robbery.

An FIR was registered by on the complaint of the deceased’s brother Jalil Ahmed.

During the investigation, the police found that the victim’s wife, Maimoona Erum, had a relationship with her TikTok partner, Rizwan Alias Zain. The two accused conspired together to murder Ahmed and pursue their affair.

Police also found that Rizwan shot and killed Ahmed.

Another suspect was also involved in the murder but he remains at large.

The police arrested the accused wife, while teams have been formed to arrest Rizwan and an unidentified person. It is expected that they will be arrested soon.

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