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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday has said that the government took action against Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) because it challenged the writ of the state and used street violence, attacking the public and law enforcers.

The prime minister took to Twitter to explain the state's reasons to impose a ban on the religiopolitical party. Khan said that the action was taken to control violence after hundreds of policemen were injured in clashes with workers of the party.

Khan, in a series of tweets, said:

"Let me make clear to people here & abroad: Our govt only took action against TLP under our anti-terrorist law when they challenged the writ of the state and used street violence & attacking the public & law enforcers. No one can be above the law and the Constitution."

Premier also addressed Islamophobia, saying that we as Muslims can not tolerate any disrespect towards our Prophet:

"My message to extremists abroad who indulge in Islamophobia & racist slurs to hurt & cause pain to 1.3 bn Muslims across the globe: We Muslims have the greatest love & respect for our Prophet PBUH who lives in our hearts. We cannot tolerate any such disrespect & abuse."

The prime minister said the Western politicians who indulge in such abuse under the guise of freedom of speech clearly lack the moral sense:

"Those in the West, including extreme right politicians, who deliberately indulge in such abuse & hate under the guise of freedom of speech clearly lack moral sense & courage to apologize to the 1.3 bn Muslims for causing this hurt. We demand an apology from these extremists."

Source: Twitter

Khan urged the Western governments to use the same standards as Holocaust to penalize that deliberately spreading hatred against Muslims:

"I also call on Western governments who have outlawed any negative comment on the holocaust to use the same standards to penalize those deliberately spreading their message of hate against Muslims by abusing our Prophet PBUH."