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Forensics confirm Mufti Aziz identity in sexual assault video

06 جولائ 2021
Forensic analysis of sexual assault video confirms it was Mufti Aziz. (Reuters)
Forensic analysis of sexual assault video confirms it was Mufti Aziz. (Reuters)

Forensic facial analysis of a video containing a man sexually abusing a young boy confirmed that the people in the video were Mufti Aziz-ur-Rehman and a seminary student according to Deputy Inspector General of Police Investigations, Shariq Jamal, on Monday.

Forensic facial analysis techniques were used to discern the identity of the individuals in the video. Jamal stated, “Physical features of suspect Mufti Aziz and the victim also matched in forensic analysis."

Mufti Aziz had previously claimed the video was fake, saying, “This video is fake as you can’t even see me move in it.” However, as DIG Jamal confirmed, “No evidence of editing was found in the video clip according to the forensic analysis report.”

The survivor and Mufti Aziz also underwent medical testing, but because allegations of sodomy occurred two to three years ago, the DNA test came back negative. DNA tests must be conducted within days to get accurate results.

Mufti Aziz’s statements regarding the video have been conflicting and inconsistent. Initially, he called the video fake, stating that it was doctored and edited, and the incident had never occurred. Then, he declared that he was intoxicated, saying, “I was clearly drugged by this boy.” He later called the abuse “consensual.” Later, he insisted the video was released a part of a conspiracy to have him removed from the seminary.

On June 20th, police arrested the cleric in Mianwali after which they conducted interrogations. Aziz confessed to the crime, saying, “The video of molestation is of me; I made a mistake and I'm embarrassed about it.” However, he took back his confession in court, claiming the police had pressurised him.

The survivor has also made his statements to the police, detailing that Mufti Aziz had kept him from sitting in exams after accusing him of having other students take the exam for him. Aziz promised the student to let him set in and pass the exams in exchange for sexual favours. When the survivor took the issue up with the administration, they did not believe him. The survivor claims that he made the video to have proof of the incident. When Mufti Aziz discovered the video, he threatened to have him killed.