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Pakistani Twitter responds to PTI govt's new "petrol bomb"

16 اکتوبر 2021
Social media users are outraged at the hike in petrol prices. Walrus
Social media users are outraged at the hike in petrol prices. Walrus

It's no surprise that Pakistani social media users have taken to Twitter to decry the "petrol bomb" dropped on Saturday.

They were responding to the notification issued by the Ministry of Finance on Saturday which announced a massive hike in petroleum prices, increasing Rs10.49 per litre on petrol and Rs12.44 per litre on high speed diesel.

They're choosing to express their anger in creative ways, using a video, for example, of Bilawal Bhutto to critique the situation.

They're also publishing old videos of Imran talking about rising costs before he was prime minister.

The creativity which reflects Pakistanis' unique sense of humor was on full display on Saturday in the choice of video content that users were uploading.

Some imagined what owners of petrol pumps must be feeling.

A scroll through the top trend of Petrol Price shows the growing anger towards the prime minister and his supporters.

Another trend disparaging the prime minister saw the same anger.

The amount of Rs10.49 was also trending on Twitter.