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Pakistani Twitter responds to PM Imran's claims about economic growth

08 Jan, 2022
The prime minister says the country's economy is on the right track. File photo
The prime minister says the country's economy is on the right track. File photo

Prime Minister Imran Khan can't seem to catch a break, of late --especially when it comes to economic matters.

His repeated efforts to show growth and prosperity under his goverment keeps getting met with snark on social media.

Take Saturday morning's tweet in which he laid out the economic growth in the last year, especially during the challenges posed by Covid.

The response was swift.

One user asked why the effects weren't being felt by the common man. Another user, clearly angry, asked the prime minister not to take people for fools. "You are a slap at the name of leadership, sold public's interest to stick to premier ship, despite all this passiveness will get kicked out from power corridors," wrote Ahmar Asad on Twitter.

A user by the name of Dheeraj scolded the PM in Roman Urdu saying he was shameless; he spent the week begging for money and then the weekend for boasting about his accomplishments.

Another user took the opportunity to let the prime minister know about the gas and power shortages in Bannu. Then there was this user who said he wanted whatever the prime minister was smoking.

However, the prime minister's legions of fans were equally quick to come to his defense.

One user said Khan would never lie to Pakistanis and should be trusted.

But another user asked which part was true: the economy doing well or the national treasury going for broke?

This isn't the only time Khan has faced criticism for his statements on Pakistan's economic growth.

Many took to Twitter to reply to the January 4 story wherein he told his spokespersons to tell people "there is no inflation."

PML-N's Ahsan Iqbal slammed Khan and said his government may not feel the inflation but the common person said.

Farrukh Saleem too shared a graph showing inflation figures, contrary to what the PTI government spokesperson say.

One user shared a saying by Adolf Hitler from his book Mein kampf: "The ‘masses….will more easily fall victims to a great lie than a small one."

Khan's spokesperson on economic affairs jumped to his leader's defense and shared an article from Dawn showing how the country had broken a 10-year bank record.