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Social media users are saddened by the passing of India’s cultural icon and “nightingale of Bollywood” Lata Mangeshkar. They paid tribute to the singer in and her years of hard work in heartfelt messages on Twitter on Sunday.

The “queen on melody” helped create a bond between people who lived across borders, said some users.

Users got nostalgic and shared their favourite memories of listening to Lata songs.

Mangeshkar passed away in a Mumbai hospital after being admitted to its intensive care unit in January with Covid-19 symptoms.

Prime Minister Imran Khan also took to Twitter to pay homage to the singer.

Mangeshkar was a classically trained singer and one of India’s most in demand playback singer with every actress wanting her to sing their songs. According to BBC, Mangeshkar boasted a catalogue of thousands of songs in a total of 36 languages.

She might have passed away but will continue to live in millions of hearts through her melodious voice.

Mangeshkar was given a state funeral and India’s authorities had the national flag lowered in her memory.