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Singer Ali Noor took to Instagram stories again to talk about the recent allegations of harassment against him, this time, to call out Ayesha Binte for having the "audacity to not accept his heartfelt words". He then categorically denies the allegations while talking about not being in a good place mentally. He also says he is "gathering the courage to move on to the next world" and hopes that Binte "finds her solace and a answer for his children".

He was referring to Ayesha Binte, a yogi and journalist, who took to Instagram on Friday to post a text exchange on Whatsapp between her and a person called Ali Noor, as well as screenshots of messages from Noor’s wife’s number. The messages were initially removed but reposted two days ago.

In the messages, Binte details how she felt uncomfortable and it took her time to come to a point to tell Noor of the ordeal she went through caused by his behavior towards her.

In the responses, Noor speaks somewhat cryptically neither admitting to nor denying the claims. Social media users called him out for what they said was a non-apology.

After the messages went viral, Noor took to Instagram to tender another apology and said he has “examined” various responses and come to the conclusion that he needs to say he is deeply sorry.

This apology was much better worded than the initial one that showed up on Binte’s stories. But then shortly after, Noor took to Instagram once again and tagged Binte, saying among other things that he is leaving this world behind.

The singer also calls out Binte for having the “audacity” not to accept his apology. The picture accompanying the text features a tombstone bearing Noor’s name on a bed which left many people deeply concerned about his health. The next story shows a screen with editing software showing his newest single, with #chordiya. He addresses that to the “few people that still love him”.

He also put up a post with the hashtag absolutely not sorry.

After the initial allegations, some women have also spoken up about being harassed by the singer at his own house, in the company of four or five people. One woman alleges the singer pulled her into his lap when she was 18 after she had joked there was no space on the swing Ali Noor and other people were sitting on. The girl, who messaged Binte on the condition of anonymity, goes on to say the room went silent but no one said anything and it was only after his wife walked in, that he let her go.

This hints at another problem in the industry: many have prior knowledge about famous artists as well as men being harassers but none of them call the men out or come forward and refuse to be named in publications.

Social media users were quick to respond, with some wondering why he was apologising if there was no harassment involved

Other pointed out the irony of how he took the apology back, when Binte didn’t accept it,

Some wondered why he was acting like being a harasser was hip.

While some called out the standards of society.

But others were just plain angry.