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Who's still standing with Imran Khan? Turns out, lots of social media users

09 Mar, 2022
PTI supporters and leaders took to Twitter to express solidarity with Imran Khan. File photo
PTI supporters and leaders took to Twitter to express solidarity with Imran Khan. File photo

Amid all the brouhaha over the opposition's no-confidence motion as well as the goings on in the Tareen-Aleem Khan, media analysts believe the end for Imran Khan's PTI government is near. However, his supporters believe their leader when he says his government will survive attempts to oust him. They've turned to Twitter to declare their support for Khan.

The hashtag I Stand With Imran Khan along with other similar sentiments like PM Imran till 2033 are going strong on Twitter.

And it's not just PTI supporters pledging their loyalty, leaders too are expressing their confidence.

Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Qasim Suri tweeted an image of a cornered lion surrounded by hyenas to say he believed Khan would survive.

Senator Shahzad Waseem shared a picture of himself with the prime minister to express his support for Khan.

Planning Asad Umar compared Khan to a selfless leader fighting the good fight against enemies who think of themselves.

Minister Zartaj Gul Wazir also tweeted her support saying he will weather the storm, like he always does.

Javed Hassan expressed a popular sentiment seen on this trend -- that the fight was between Khan and corrupt leaders who did not want Pakistan to succeed.

Senator Faisal Javed Khan shared a throwback image of himself with Khan saying he stood by his leader.

He wasn't the only one to share a throwback image. MNA Munaza Hasan also shared an image of herself then and now with the prime minister saying she stands by him.

The PTI chose to share a video of the PM's first address in which he predicted the lengths the opposition would go to protect their corruption.

While the list of tweets in support of the prime minister is endless, there was also some humor on display.

The Dependent, perhaps the leading satire account out of Pakistan, tweeted an image of Information Minister vowing to stand with Imran Khan until told otherwise.

Amid the fandom though were some voices questioning the blind support for the PTI.

Taimur Malik was one such voice who said perhaps the energy would be better spent asking the prime minister to look inward.

Journalist Omar R Quraishi also questioned supporters who believe the no-confidence motion was part of a grand conspiracy to deseat the PM for its foreign policy stance.