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Tobacco is not only harmful for you but also the environment

31 May, 2022
Tambako noshi ka istamal insani sehat kay liye kitna khatarnaak? | Aaj Pakistan with Sidra Iqbal

KARACHI: We all know smoking is injurious to health. It says so on the packet. In any case, smoking tobacco exposes you to more than 7000 chemicals. A majority of these chemicals can cause cancer. On World No Tobacco Day, Aaj Pakistan's Sidra Iqbal breaks down the impact of the habit on the individual as well as the environment with Dr Javed Hayat Khan, a pulmonologist.

Nicotine is a highly addcitive substance which makes it difficult for people to quit smoking. It is also known to cause cancer, diseases of the heart, lung and liver.

Meanwhile, tobacco production harms the environment due to the use of pesticide and through deforestation. According to WHO, not only does tobacco kill 8 million people every year, the tobacco industry leaves a long trail of destruction on our environment long before tobacco and nicotine products are even sold.

“Smokers often suffer from stress and anxiety. The most common problem facing smokers is cough and never ending mucus,” said Dr Javed on Sidra Iqbal’s morning show.

Dr Javed pointed out coping mechanisms that can help quit the habit. It includes five Ds i.e. delay till the urge passes, distract yourself, drink water, deep breaths and discuss.

Suggesting steps to quit smoking and start living, Dr Javed Hayat Khan advised to have mint and chewing gums, while motivating oneself to quit by considering the health risks and other negative aspects.