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Channo singer Ali Zafar had fans drooling all over his Instagram feed after he posted a picture with a short but precise caption a few weeks ago.

It was not so much the caption that got the fans going, as much as it was the lack of clothes in the picture.

“A friend dared me to post this picture. Sorry,” said the singer’s caption.

Zafar is sitting shirtless in his bed with his hair slightly dishevelled, and with his own arm, bedspread and pillow suggestively covering some of him.

What adds more to the mystery of the picture is the way the light and focus have been used. Zafar’s face and dreamy eyes are slightly blurred, as are his abs but his leg is taking front and centre.

Some fans were delighted with the photo, “We all thank your friend, fr”.

While others were not amused and asked Zafar to get better friends “jo sab ke saamney utar ke na rakh dein”. (who don’t make you take off everything in front of everyone)

Some even dragged late Aamir Liaquat into the comments.

While many were of the opinion that Zafar could have just chosen truth instead of dare and could have avoided putting up his half-naked self.

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