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Popular ice cream maker Ben & Jerry’s will continue to be sold across Israel and in the West Bank under its Hebrew and Arabic names since its parent company, Unilever, countered efforts for it to boycott the state and take a political stance, The Telegraph had reported.

Unilever said it rejected “any form of discrimination or intolerance”.

In 2021, Ben & Jerry’s had said that it went against its values to sell in occupied Palestinian territory. The company announced it would not renew its agreement with the partner that sold in Israel. But since Ben & Jerry’s is a subsidiary of Unilever it can be overruled.

Ben & Jerry’s had an agreement with American Quality Products that made and sold its ice cream under a licence over three decades in the region.

Ben & Jerry’s argued that it had the right to take decisions to defend its values and brand. But Unilever has counter-argued that it manages financial and operational decisions.

Ben & Jerry’s also took a stance on the Ukraine conflict, saying that it called on the US president to talk peace, rather than “prepare for war”. It was against sending troops to the region.