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Guide to Pakistan’s power shortage

Urban areas face 6-18 hours of load-shedding while rural areas face around 18 hours
Published 30 Jun, 2022 04:50pm
<p>Man works with a flash light, during power outage.
Source: Reuters</p>

Man works with a flash light, during power outage. Source: Reuters

KARACHI: With the power shortfall surging to 7,674 megawatts, Pakistanis face prolonged hours of loadshedding.

Pakistan’s electricity demand and supply is as follows:

  • Total demand: 29,900MW
  • Total power generated: 22,226MW

Power generation distribution:

  • Hydro-power: 5,625MW
  • Government thermal plants: 1,327MW
  • Independent Power Producers (IPPs): 11,500MW
  • Wind power plants: 1,235MW
  • Solar power plants: 122MW

Urban areas are facing anywhere from 6-18 hours of unannounced loadshedding, while rural areas face around 18 hours of power outages.

Sindh Energy Minister Imtiaz Shaikh has hinted at nationalising the sole power provider in Karachi, K-Electric, saying that the provincial government has taken notice of the prolonged loadshedding.

Shaikh said in a media briefing that the Sindh government has ordered the K-Electric management to provide the loadshedding schedule. “K-Electric is claiming that only announced load-shedding is being done for 7-8 hours [in Karachi].”

Protests over loadshedding are taking place across Pakistan as power outages and sweltering heatwaves have made lives miserable.



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